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Lead Management Solution

Transform the way you distribute and manage your valuable leads

Although financial services organizations spend a significant amount of time and money generating sales leads, many opportunities fall through the cracks — either because the lead was not qualified, they are distributed to the wrong advisor, or because the person receiving the lead has limited bandwidth to follow-up.

Navagate’s Lead Management Solution helps your organization quickly and effectively manage and distribute new leads, ensuring you attain value from each opportunity.


Solution Overview

The ability to effectively optimize lead distribution across sales and marketing channels is critical to achieving success. Navagate’s Lead Management Solution enables both automatic and manual assignment of leads to advisors or distribution partners based on user-defined criteria.

With our Lead Management Solution you can track prospect inquiries and seamlessly route qualified business leads to the right people. Company-defined milestones track the lead through the sales cycle, creating a "closed-loop” lead management process. Now your advisors get instant access to the latest sales prospects and leads are never dropped or lost.


Solution Components

Automatic Lead Routing

Automation of key tasks, including the distribution and redistribution of leads, reduces time consuming processes, ensures leads are assigned to the right agents, and shortens the sales cycle.

Automated Workflows and Rules Engine

Automated workflows ensure that your best practices are being followed throughout the organization effectively reducing the overall time to close new business. Our configurable business process platform and rules engine can easily be configured to capture the most productive behaviors and processes used by your top advisors.

Real-time Views

A dynamic leads dashboard drives effectiveness by providing configurable graphical views of qualified leads. Management can analyze lead statistics — leads pipeline, status changes, advisor actions taken on each lead — to make smarter business decisions and drive more sales to close.

Automated Alerts

Automation of alerts provides managers with insight — notification of sales activities or inactive leads — allowing them to make informed decisions on where to focus their time.

Easy Integration

AGILITY’s Lead Management Solution easily integrates with external systems to a completely automated, closed-loop lead to sale process.


Benefits to your Business:

Quickly capture, qualify, route and track sales leads
Customer and agent profiling identifies the most qualified prospects and routes them to the most compatible agents, improving customer interactions and resulting in higher close ratios
All lead and activity data are centralized in one location
Greater visibility into the pipeline with real-time views and reporting
Improved opportunity management and forecasting processes create greater accountability across the organization
Measures the impact and effectiveness of marketing programs

Lead Management DashboardLead Management Dashboard

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